Holiday Weekend

I am so happy for this 3-day weekend. I am not going anywhere, I am just happy that I don’t have to go to school on Monday. Tomorrow, I am going to the “summer kickoff” with my friend Demi. We wen together last year, and we had a lot of fun. On Sunday, my sister is going to a concert, but I will probably just stay home and hang out with some friends or something. On Monday, we will probably have a cookout: and the pool opens on that day! (actually, I heard it opens tomorrow, but I don’t think so) Leave a comment/reply of what you are doing for the holiday weekend! ūüôā

The Best Birthday Ever


Last year, I had the best birthday ever. Since I used to live in Massachusetts, my mom decided that we could go back home for my birthday! I was so excited.  So on January 20th, my mom and I headed to the airport. We were both so excited for seeing our friends and family again.

So once we landed in Massachusetts, we were picked up by my mom’s brother, my uncle Bob. We were on our way to my nana’s house, and my uncle decided that we needed to go for lunch, at Kelly’s – our favorite restaurant. It was sooo good. Then once we got to my nana’s house, ¬†we were greeted my by nana and my grandpa. During the trip, we went to the mall, out to eat, and shopped for my birthday party. My birthday was actually going to be at my friend’s house, but we still had to buy all the decorations and things.

On the day of my birthday party, I was getting so excited. We were going to go rollerblading, and then have a sleepover! I was super pumped to be seeing my friends again.

Once my friends arrived, we were all screaming because we were so happy and then we got ready to go rollerblading. When we came back, it was around 9:30, so we had pizza and cake, and I got to open some super amazing presents from my super amazing friends.  I am so thankful that I was able to have that experience. So, tell me. What was your best birthday experience?

Summer Vacation…..ahhhh

Just think. In a month, we will be on summer vacation! (at least I will) For the summer, I don’t have my whole summer mapped out yet, but I have enough to tell you guys. On the last day of school, June 16th, my grandma is actually coming to visit for a couple days. When she goes back to Connecticut, I am going to go with her and stay with her for about a week or so. Then I am going to go visit my nana¬†in Massachusetts, and about a couple days later, I will go to my favorite camp ever – Camp Rotary in MA. I am so pumped for camp this year. It will be my sixth summer going. After being at the overnight camp for a week, I will just stay with my nana for about a week, Then i’ll come back home – to my new house! My cousins are coming to visit on July 10th, so they might actually need to help us move some boxes. That is all I have planned for my summer 2015! (comment what day you get out of school!)

Happy National Limerick Day!

Today in English class, we wrote some poems called Limericks. Limericks are silly poems with 5 lines. They are supposed to be funny, or not make sense at all. They have a certain rhythm to them, and¬†they are kind of¬†easy to write.¬†At first, limericks were a little bit hard for me to think of, but then I remembered that it can be about anything, and it doesn’t have to make sense! Here are the two limericks that I wrote.

Limerick #1

There once was a girl named Sue.

who lived in the capital of Peru.

and she went for a swim

then got her hair trimmed

and she loved cheese fondue.


Limerick #2

There once was a dog named Molly.

Who liked to ride in a trolley.

She liked people food.

and getting shampooed.

Oh, I love my dog Molly.